Park Attractions

Roller Coasters


Roller coasters are a part of Seabreeze's history. From the long-forgotten Greyhound, to the classic Jack Rabbit, to the "spinsanity" of the Whirlwind  Seabreeze has a variety of roller coasters to suit every coaster enthusiast.

Thrill Rides

Revolution 360

Fun and excitement go hand-in-hand on such Seabreeze favorites as the upside-down Screamin' Eagle, the "splash-tastic" Log Flume, R-360 and more. Climb aboard and hang on for white-knuckled thrills.


Hydro Racer

Seabreeze is not only just about rides. It has more liquid fun than ever before, so you can beat the heat at the coolest waterpark around. Experience a whole other "world of water." Plus, there are hundreds of chaise lounges spread out in the sun and shade, a food stand, bathhouse, fountains, lockers for your stuff and the popular Surf Shop!

Family Classics

Tea Cups

Family fun attractions everyone will love. They are favorites among all park goers, from the youngest fan to the oldest enthusiast. There's something for everybody to enjoy together.

Kiddie Rides

Kiddie Rides

If you've got little ones, Seabreeze has the rides they'll love. The classics you remember are the ones that will become favorites of your kids today. "More smiles per hour" starts right here in our kids park, so have your camera ready.

Shows, Shops & More


How about something in addition to all the rides and water slides? Come play on the midway, see a show, check out the souvenirs, walk through the carousel museum or have some fun in the arcade. ATMs are available, too. With so much to do, make sure you come early and stay late.

Food Service


If you're craving one of your favorite summertime foods, we've got you covered. A variety of menu items are available throughout the park to satisfy your taste buds.